Making Bubble Chandelier

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Awesome Glass Bubble Chandelier

Bubble chandelier – Candlesticks bring style and elegance to any room in any home. However, traditional crystal chandeliers are often heavy and dated. If you want old world elegance with a modern twist, try a chandelier glass bulb. These hanging lamps feature bright beams of glass bubbles gathered around a central light. They illuminate a dinner table or input with refracted light and a touch of modern fantasy. Chandeliers glass bubble is also a DIY project that can be customized to your taste and style.

Bubble chandelier cut up to 30 lengths of fishing line about 1 longer than your foot hanging light. For example, if your pendant light measures 2 meters long, pieces of fishing line should be about 3 feet long. Tie one end of each piece of fishing line to the ring bar half a toggle clasp. These closures have straight bars passing through the rings jewelry to keep together. All you need, in this case, are the bars.

Remove the metal lids off all clear glass ornaments. Slide a pry bar vertically down each glass ampoule. Once inside, the bar must hang horizontally and catch when they reach the openings in the trimmings. This is the decorations in place on your bubble chandelier.

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