How To Hang Foyer Chandeliers

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Grand Tire Foyer Chandeliers

Hang a foyer chandeliers can be a difficult task. You should not hang the lamp too low. If the lamp is hung too high, you will not be able to fully see its design. The choice of where to place the spider takes precision and careful consideration.

Instructions to hang foyer chandeliers: hold the end of a tape measure to the floor. Pull the belt out up to reach 7 feet. Do not let the low point of your chandelier to go below that point. You should not lose more than 7 feet, 6 inches to balance the space below and above the appliance. Leave at least 2 feet from the ceiling to the top of the chandelier.

Hang your chandelier in the same manner, if you are hanging in a two-story foyer on the second floor overlooking the first. However, do not allow the lamp to hang beyond the second story.

Buy foyer chandeliers that are properly adjusted. A good rule is to hang a chandelier that is 2 ½ to 3 inches per foot high room is high. Chandeliers of this size will be more balanced in the one room that is shorter or taller.

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