Luxury Swag Chandelier

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Swag Chandelier Style

Swag chandelier create an atmosphere of elegance in any environment, without hassle of wiring. This type of chandelier simplifies installation with a cable-style plug-in. With a few materials, you can easily hang your own booty chandelier.

Chandeliers hang anywhere you like in your home, without having to worry about roof are wired to light in area. Swag chandelier get their name from long strings that can be plugged into a bounty on ceiling and then down wall to nearest exit. With chandelier loot, you can add overhead light to a dark area of living room, focus a light statement on dining table, add a romantic light in bedroom and instill a bit of luxury in bathroom.

Some swag chandelier comes with a long tube, fabric that can be used to help hide cable. Thread wire through tube, gathering fabric as you go. You can also create your own camouflage for sewing your own cable cord fabric. Choose fabric that coordinates with colors used in lamp and room. Cutting a tube about 6 inches wide and about 1 longest foot cable. Pin edges together to create a tube and sew along pinned edge.

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