DIY Wiring 2 Light Wall Sconce

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2 Light Wall Sconce Pictures

2 light wall sconce – Wiring an exterior ramp will take two to four hours, depending on where the ramp will be placed and where the power will come. Go to the attic and drill a one-inch hole in the doubleheader board directly above the cavity wall you just cut the hole.

Push the cable into the new electrical box and push the electrical box in the hole in the wall. Connect the black wire of the cable to the black wire from the 2 light wall sconce. Connect the white wire of the cable to the white wire from the wall lamp. Put plastic screw caps on each connection. Install a ¼-inch line of silicone sealant around the edge of the electrical box. Turn off power to the porch light circuit on the main panel.

½-inch Strip the insulation from the ends of the black and white electrical wires. Disconnect the switch wire that connects to the white wire splice. Connect the black wire of the cable of the new ramp to the wire from the switch that you just disconnected. Connect the white wire of the new ramp to the white wire connection into the electrical box. Turn the power back on and test the new wall lamp by turning 2 light wall sconce on the porch.

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