Hanging Patio Light Strings For Party

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Awesome Patio Light Strings

Patio light strings – When most people think of lights on a string, the first thing that comes to mind are the sparkling, white lights on the outside of the houses during the holiday season. However, the string of lights comes in many other styles, even in the form of beer mugs, beer cans and beer bottles. These special lights are perfect for holidays and vacations to drink celebration takes place. New beer lights are safe to be a hit at any casual party.

Connect the lights before hanging up to ensure that all work. If necessary, replace broken lights. Replacement lights should come included with the lighting kit for patio light strings. Find a suitable place to hang the lights. The process for hanging lights is essentially the same regardless of where they hang.

Measure with the tape every one foot along or shelf where intend to hang the lights and mark with the pencil. These marks represent the locations of the hooks of light where they need to go. Hold a light hook against one of the brands and Hammer a nail in the hole or holes hook. You may want someone to help you hold the hook, but not necessary. Connect the patio light strings to a wall outlet and the cord hang on hooks.

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