How To Hang Outdoor Copper Pendant Light

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Awesome Copper Pendant Light

How To Hang Outdoor Copper Pendant Light – Copper pendant light hanging in your yard or garden shed light and add character to your outdoor living space. You can hang copper pendant light from shepherd’s hooks and tree branches with hangers made of craft wire. Decorate your garden with soft lighting from copper lanterns.

Instructions to hang outdoor copper pendant light, assess the copper pendant light to determine if you can insert nails in any part of the top. Copper pendant light often finals or decorative elements attached to the top of the glass. If so, insert a nail on each side of the upper center portion of the lamp. Measure the distance from the nail to the other over the top of the lamp. Add 6 inches in measurement. Cut a section of 20-gauge copper wire to fit the total. Wrap one end of the wire around a nail and one end of the wire around the second nail to create a wire hanger.

Next steps hang outdoor copper pendant light, measure the width of the lamp above the base. Measure the height of your copper lantern from the base to the top. Double-height measurement and add to this number Width Measurement. Add 8 inches of total to measure the length of cable you need to make a hanger for the lamp. Cut two lengths of 20-gauge copper wire equal to the measurement in step 1. Insert the four nails in a round bottom of your copper lantern, equidistant from each other. If your lamp base is square, put a nail in the middle of each side. If your copper lantern is rectangular, insert a nail in the middle of each end. Make sure to leave at least 1/4 inch of exposed nails. Wrap the ends of the copper wire strips around the nails opposite each other on the base of your copper lantern. Pull the cables up to form a cage for the lamp. Attach a small “S” hook where the wires cross on top. If your copper lantern is rectangular and you have only one thread, pinch the wire in the middle to form an inverted “U,” which will keep the S hook in place.

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