Indoor Wall Accent Lighting

Aug 26th

Accent wall lighting – painting one wall in a room a different color can add effects, but if you make a bad design choice, it could be disastrous. Good news if it turns out bad is that you can just paint over it. Painting companies can give advice about the choice of colors and the walls of the display will be the most effective.

Wall accent lighting led
Wall accent lighting led

The first thing you want to consider is the lighting in the room. If the room is dark, dark colors will make even grimmer. If the room is dimly, light colors can look washed out. Once you have an idea of ​​how lighting will affect the color of your choice. Deciding where walls should be accent wall lighting you. Accent wall will usually draw the eye first, so make your decorating choices with that in mind.

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Sometimes, the choice of colors accent wall lighting can alter a person’s perception. For example, red can cause the room seem smaller. The effect of “fore-shortening” make the walls appear closer. This can work to your advantage in the long narrow room if you paint the wall behind the red, but in the small dining area, can give the effect of crowded.

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