Swing Arm Wall Lamp Ideas

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Antique Swing Arm Wall Lamp

In the bedrooms, space is at a premium. It seems no matter how big the bedroom there is never enough space on the nightstand. One way to add space is to think vertically. Examine the wall space to his bedside and consider installing a swing arm wall lamp. These lamps are swinging out of the way when not in use and are very useful for use while in bed. As an added bonus, they are smart, they come in designs to suit almost any decor and easy to install.

Instructions, Check the placement of lamps on the wall with a pencil. If you are installing two lamps jamb wall on either side of the bed must be measured to ensure symmetrical placement of the wall. The lamps are normally associated with screws or placement on a support or directly into the swing arm wall lamp.

Place the lamp on the wall swing arm. Using the included screws, fasten the bracket placement on the wall and slide the lamp into the holder. If there is no bracket placement, use the included screws to attach the lamp swing arm wall lamp. Connect the lamps.

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